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About Jalisto

Jalisto stands for JAva LIght STOrage, it's a 100% pure java low-level object datastore. Jalisto comes in two versions:

  • Jalisto SE (Standard Edition) targets J2SE environment.
  • Jalisto ME (Micro Edition) targets cell phones and PDAs and is compatible with J2ME. (Available Q4 2005)

Jalisto SE offers developers a flexible database for lightweight applications and is well suited for memory constrained environment thanks to its modular architecture :
Jalisto architecture

Jalisto SE key features

Modular approach

  • Flexible modular approach: reduce Jalisto memory foot print. 3 modules available Query, JMX, JCA
  • Pluggable physical storage layer: including Memory storage, Random File Access storage, ...
  • Optional client/server mode
  • Switchable concurrency mode: mono-user mode, read-only and multi-user mode are supported
  • Pluggable cache architecture

Database features

  • Optional Query module: Query persited object with Jalisto object-oriented query framework
  • Optional Transaction logging: supports for crash recovery mecanisms
  • Record level optimistic and pessimistic locking
  • Index
  • Database schema evolution

Other features

  • JMX administration
  • Datastore viewer
  • Configuratble trace system

Getting started


Jalisto is contributed by :
xcalia service your data

Xcalia recomends the Xcalia Intermediation Platform to work with Jalisto.

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